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its ok to like myself.

i'm in reflective mood today after being at the bluesky celebration event of the centre where i've been a learner.  i took a personal situation into the space on friday, hidden from view.  as  i listened to stories of others on the programme the tears helped me to work through the hidden situation.

the speeches were begun my catina.  i could listen to you speak all day catina. your informed calm manner is a joy to be around and share conversation with.  when you mentioned this blog i wasn't expecting to hear what i've been writing has been read by so many and have had so many people be on my journey with me.  i've appreciated a place where i can be open and honest and explore the things that at the time are at the forefront of my thinking.  often it's those thoughts that influence how i feel which  in turn affects my view of the world.

i have a sense today how mainstream and mental health are perceived as two separate entities.  this is a paradox to me they are so connected, so one and the same.  

i'm writing this post for the second time, my first attempt became lost due to something i did.  i mention this first post as in it i was getting very passionate about the well being through ... model of adult education course.  i hope attitude to adult education can evolve to be something that sits well being through ... courses next to the traditional learn things courses.  for me both are as important as each other as they more realistically cover what adult education provision needs to be at this time. 

the space where the bluesky celelbration took placei've been surprised how much i've got out of being on the course and being involved in the programme.  i've done things not previously imagined.  the picture is of the space where the celebration took place.  i got up on the stage with musicians and was part of the performance.  this has been possible because of bluesky and those involved with the programme.  i've had amazing support even though i didn;t realise i needed it.

being on the programme has put me in a place where i can start to begin to accept that my mental health will occasionally have dips and these are ok.  the programme has helped me to accept that its ok for me to like myself.  the programme has helped me to realise that we all have back stories and these have varying degrees of influence on the present moment.

lastly i have to pass on my thanks and appreciation to the people who have made me feel special.  they are those who do all the work to make the programme possible.  record the data, run the sessions.  each time i saw you i was met with a smile, this lit me up inside and made me feel part of something.  being part of something has been a massive boost for me.  

thank you.