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i'm crossing my fingers

my phone vibrates and i'm distracted from pondering what to write for this blog post.  there's a need to record and reflect about what i've done lately and still i have no clear starting point.

i think how i felt at the very beginning of my journey through the research project.  as i continued to grow and gain confidence the no clear starting point became a faint thought and i grew in confidence as i met with and got to know those on the course and those delivering and administering it.

last friday my journey reached a station as a result of making the journey itself.

at times my experience on the journey has almost been like an out of bofy experience.  it's like it's not actually me.  the experiences i've had as a result of being involved have been really easy.  i've not had to feel anxious or stressed to get things done.  

last friday i was in the city and being part of a musical performance.  it happened like it's something i do all the time and i can tell you this really was a first for me.

my view of the performance


at the performance were people who had helped me along my journey.  it was so lovely to see them again and have another chance to chat and share.  to catch up.  i was taken a back when i was told that i'm looking really well so whatever i'm doing at the moment i should keep doing it as its working.  

maybe i didn't really know how far down the rabbit hole i had been.

for me the course i took did work for me.  despite the huge wobble at the beginning that i was supported through the course was a good one for me.  i've learnt alot about well being for .... type courses through what i've done and i have to say i think there's a future for them.

i'm crossing my fingers that the research comes back with findings that mirror my experience because for once i want to be with the majority.  i want all the hard work put in by those of you running courses around the country to continue to benefit learners like me around the country.

i'm surprised at where i have got to and really really liking it.  thank you for the opportunity.