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If an individual does several courses, how will we capture a possible improvement over the whole period (rather than just the duration of the course)?

The management information (MI) data will link all episodes of learning undertaken as part of the pilot through using the Unique Learner Number (ULN). Individuals will be assessed at the beginning and end of courses. It will only be mandatory for learners to complete these forms for one course. However, if they roll into another course it is optional for the pilot to ask them to complete a further follow-up questionnaire, which will capture improvements over the course of the pilot rather than over a single course.

IAPT uses these tools after every intervention and if your pilot becomes sustainale there is every chance you will want to continue to capture evidence of mental health outcomes at particualr intervals not just as evidence for you/your funder but as self-assessment feedback for the individual learner and/or for different courses.

But please remember it is important to ensure that people are not always seen/monitored in terms of mental health outcomes', for example, progressing to your mainstream learning is an outcome and an exit from this pilot (to be counted); this would be the point to stop asking a learner to complete the mental health outcomes self-assessments.