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How we should talk about mental health

Interesting article which covers issues such as stigma, criminality, suicide, appropriate terms, defining people and how to talk about mental health. http://ideas.ted.com/how-should-we-talk-about-mental-health/

I had a meeting last week with two new members of staff at Barnsley mental health services. They have been brought in specifically to work with offenders with mental health difficulties. In Barnsley, there are now going to be mental health nurses assigned to court, police cells and with probation in order to assess people who are identified as potentially having difficulties to ensure they receive the support they need. Sounds like positive steps in the right direction!

We have already identified the need to address the issues mentioned in this article around defining people by their condition and separating people from the problem. One of our amazing tutors, Angela Wright, has done some excellent work around 'Identities' and we are incorporating this into our short course programme for the CLMHP.