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2 Steps forward and 1.9 back: CLMH Leaders' Voices

A DfE Community Learning | Mental Health Research Report (2015/17)

When we reached the end of the DfE Community Learning Mental Health research (CLMH) delivery phase in July 2017, we asked Kathryn James to speak with leaders from a number of CLMH research sites to capture the leadership voice as part of the project evaluation and to set the findings in context of leadership theory.

Kathryn has a unique lens which blends her expertise and experience in guidance, teaching and leadership with mental health, just the lens we wanted for interviewing and reflecting on the leadership voice from CLMH.

Kathryn interviewed 12 leaders from the original 62 CLMH research sites:

  • Five were only involved in phase-1 (2015/16).
  • Seven were involved in phases 1 and 2 (2015/17)
  • Some were Heads of Service and others were staff nominated to be project leads.
  • Interviewees were selected from across all the pilots, because we expectedthey'd have varied and interesting things to say about their experiences of leading a CLMH project.

Here's what they told Kathryn.

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