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fab four

happy international day of happiness everyone.  yes today is this amazing day and i wanted to mark it here on my blog before reflecting on my fab fourth session.  this morning i've been a volunteer in a local park where we've been coppicing hazel.  the particular bush had been left for so long it had become several small trees around 6 metres in height.  this morning was made more challenging by continuous rain.  i kept my spirit up by telling myself "it's character building."  at the completition of the work we all experienced a great sense of acheivement and i came home wet and feeling very happy.


finishing off the coppicing



so i'm writing this after lunch on monday, this morning has been outside in the rain.  

turning my thoughts back to thursday now and that day was a completely different senario.  for a start i wasn't sure i'd be at the fourth session as it clashed with an event a work project was having.  

i'm aware that my mood goes and comes down.  last thursday was a bit of a downward slope beginning with an email telling me of my unsuccesfulness at a bursary application.  the shortened version of the storey that followed is that i found myself at the fourth session.

the fourth session was a safe haven in a day where emotionally i felt very raw.  while i was in the session i forgot about all the other stuff happening to me.

part of my distraction was to be an aeroplane running around the space with my arms outstretched.  our tutor accompanied me on the guitar.  it was just what i needed, running around pretending to be something else.

once i sat down, it was observed that i wouldn't have been able to do that in the first week.  a really interesting conversation about confidence ensued.  one of the conclusions was around how being comfortable with people helps us to be more confident.

now as i sit watching the rain dropped window i wonder if i need to say much more about my fab fourth session as the main thing about it was the haven in my day and actually what i did in the session with the rest of the group is why it became that haven for me.

i hope that makes sense ...