A network for anyone with an interest in
adult education and mental health

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Equal Opportunities


MHFE is an inclusive virtual network of people with an interest in adult education and mental health. Our main aims are to:

  • Promote the study and advancement of equality of access to and success in adult education for people with mental health problems
  • Facilitate virtual peer networking between people with a shared interest in adult education and mental health 
  • Act as a repository for current and past work/research/ resources/ projects/programmes funding 

Our activities are underpinned by our shared belief in the value of: 

  • The promotion of equality and social justice
  • Inclusion
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Helping people and communities use learning to give greater choice, empowerment and autonomy
  • Helping people to become active and caring contributors to a democratic, pluralistic society
  • Consideration for the environment and sustainable development

Our active promotion of equal opportunities and diversity are indivisible from these values.