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The End - or Is It?

August 2017.  I have been reflecting back on my time on the project, as the MHRP comes to an end, or is it?

I realise have faced many struggles challenges and opportunities, both personally and professionally. 

I had been linked to the project from the start, however, I was asked to initially manage the project for an interim period between April 2016 and July 2016.  In July 2016 I was asked to continue to manage the project until the end in July 2017. I had attended all the meetings since April and the Breaking the rules training, I had become familiar with many new digital aspects and requirements for the research taking me initially right out of my comfort zone.  I have learnt how to Blog, use padlet, take part in face to face and online meetings using Zoom. I have even held a couple of my own whilst working with Patricia and Jo on our webinar.  I have been part of a group to hold a webinar, given presentations and work with colleagues on the project from across the country developing a network of contacts. As a result however I have grown in confidence, looking at my own ability to cope and adapt to new and challenging situations.

I attended some of the planning meetings local to me helping look at course design and development and at shaping for how year two would look, all exciting stuff.

I was able to go and help set up my Ipads (not sure if I was a help or hindrance) but a good opportunity all the same.

Apart from learning a great deal about myself and my capabilities, I have learnt a great deal about mental health, so much more than the experiences personally and professional I already had previously been exposed to and encountered.  

I have as a result of the project realised I enjoy looking at and working with and analysing data.  (Who’d have thought? Not me for sure!)

I have learnt a vast amount on this journey to date, and for that I am extremely grateful, so much so I hope it continues to develop and grow. The support I personally have received throughout this project from everyone involved has been great it has helped me develop in so many different ways both personally and professionally as a result.

I have, with some help and guidance set up my web page…

I have a few bits to complete as we come officially to the end of the project.

However, I hope to still be involved with developing resources as a result of feedback from the summer meeting.


The big thing though for me and LAL as a service is to continue with and develop a legacy from taking part in this project so WATCH this space …… so it seems I have not finished with my blog just yet …………..