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conditions for learning

i'm drawn this morning to remember good old maslow and his heirachy of needs.  it's a theorectical basis within the level 3 forest school leader course.  it's argued that for a learner at forest school to truely be in the moment and start to get the most out of the process their needs to be met.

i'm drawn to maslow today because i'm reflecting upon the last two weeks.  a time in which there was much uncertainty and eventually disappointment.

during this summer i have been covering a role in a freelance capacity.  i applied for the role, was called for interview and this proved to be unsuccesful.

as i arrived here this morning the phrase on the home page really caught my imagination and has inspired me to write something completely diffferent from what i thought i was going to write.

maslows triangle of needs in image form


i can share with you that i did have the potential to write something that was loaded with self pity and a need to be comforted for the challenging time i've been through.  

something shifted.

what have i learnt ?

the freelance role gave me a reason to get up and go somewhere.  to be with people, to have responsibility, to recieve payment and for all these things to make me feel connected to people outside of the family home.

part of the reason for applying for the job was for these to continue.  my reality now is that i have to put effort into finding those things and adjust to the difference in my relationship with those people and places i was freelancing in over the summer as my connection with the place and people does continue.

in waiting for the outcome of the interview i had been preparing my contingency plan of what i can do.  this is more open and uncertan than the job.  i look at the triangle above and see security close to the bottom.

i sense this morning how my time on the bluesky course did help me to progress vertically through maslow's triangle and how in the freelance role this was beginning to also happen.

the freelance role has another two weeks and there's an option on the table to extend until the new people are able to start.

i've also now remember how in discussing my interview result i was open with my line manager about how the freelance role had helped my mental health.  i felt a little vunerable at the time but now see that i was attending to the base of the triangle.  

i think the freelance role was not only something the organisation required but something i needed too to feel happy.

through writing this i feel happy as i've manged to move on myself on from the tale of sorrow to a more optimistic one.  i do still want to earn money as we go into the autumn and i now don't know where that comes from.  the ongoing challenge is how to be to be confident outside of the structure offered by the freelance role i'm soon to be leaving.