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CLMHP external evaluation

Ipsos MORI and their named external evaluation contact for your pilot will always communicate directly with you re: your external evaluation and it is important that the evaluation is kept independent of BIS.

This page is therefore simply a back-up space where you can find documents that Ipsos MORI have shared with all pilots. If you have any questions about the external evaluation please contact the named external evaluator for your pilot.

Documents are presented by topic with those produced most recently at the top of any sub-section

The learner surveys 

NB. we are not using learner surveys in the April - July 2016 phase 1 extension

Screenshot of page 1 of the final version of the baseline Ipsos MORI learner survey (19.8.15)

Screenshot of page 1 of the Ipsos MORI interim learner survey form (19.8.15)

Screenshot of page 1 of the Ipsos MORI end of course learner survey (19.8.15)

Final version of the baseline learner survey (19.8.15) Final version of the interim learner survey (19.8.15) - for courses of 6 or more taught weeks only Final version of the end of course learner survey (19.8.15)

Please do not copy/distribute these watermarked PDFs to learners. 

Ipsos MORI training webinar - the MIR and learner surveys

screenshot from the recording of the Ipsos MORI training webinar on the external evaluation on 24.7.15

Screenshot taken from slides used by Ipsos MORI for the training webinar on 24.7.15

> External Evaluation



Recording of the evaluation (Ipsos) webinar 24 .7.15 PDF of the slides from the Ipsos webinar 24.7.15 Or > download 16.9.15 FAQs as a document below

An email from Ipsos MORI containing the personalised monitoring information return (MIR) for each pilot, plus instructions on when and how to complete it will be sent to pilot leads on Friday 21st August 2015.

Ipsos MORI input at the CLMHP inception meeting (17.4.15)

Screenshot of the Ipsos slide presentation at the CLMHP inception meeting on 17.4.15 about external evaluation of the pilot Image of the CLMHP infographic overview of the 62 pilots, produced by Ipsos Mori for the inception meeting on 17.4.15
Screenshot of the partnership working slides - questions to consider
Slides: Ipsos MORI presentation 17.4.15 1st draft of the CLMHP infographic (17.4.15) Slides: Partnership working - questions


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