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adult education and mental health

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Findings from the DfE community education research

Findings and outputs from the research

  • Short Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (SWEMWBS) in British Sign Language (BSL)research report by Dr Katherine D Rogers et al. University of Manchester.
  • Special edition of the always popular FE Staff Equalities Planner for 2018/19. It’s packed full with findings and lessons learned from the CLMH research sites along with the usual equalities dates (free to download).
  • Findings from the A Day in The Life … Adult Education in Mental Health mass observation study involving CLMH learners on staff on a single day in June 2017.
  • Resources to support you to adopt ‘Discovering Potential’ the CLMH approach to guidance.
  • Resources to help you to deliver group A type of courses.
  • 2 Steps forward and 1.9 back: CLMH Leaders' Voices by Kathryn James.
  • Digital Technologies Paper: Lessons Learned from the Community Learning Mental Health Research (2015/17) by Sally Betts.
  • Not Them But Us: The Community Learning and Mental Health Research Project Educators’ Survey by Lou Mycroft.

Reports and lessons learned from the individual research sites