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Central Beds Impact Mental Health Peer Support Annual Report

On the weekly Zoom Meeting I asked about how to make our Annual Report available on the MHFE site.

Whilst I am looking at a means to produce a fully accessible pdf version I thought I would share a link here to see whether the National Pilot Comminity feel its worthwhile sharing or if it is too long / boring. 

We are intending to use it a briefing tool for customers, press and partners, so it is written assuming the reader has no prior knowledge of the National Pilot.

I would welcome any comments feedback or ideas for improvement!






Catina's picture

Hi Kevin,

great use of the tagging. Thank you. This is what makes it possible for people to find things in the 'search' box. If you dont tag your content it wont show in searches.

manojnanda's picture

Hi Kevin, this report takes me to onedrive but i can't seem to find the file - could it be avaliable in another format?