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Case Study - Memory Boards

This is how we make a difference to people who come on our adult learning courses.  This has been recorded by a learner and is in her own words

'Since starting on these creative courses, I have felt alot more confident to the point that I have now starting a volunteering job.

This time last year I was so depressed I struggled to leave the house on my own. For over 5 years I have struggled to do just the simplest things.

 I started a fairy doors course and met strangers, I felt more comfortable than I expected to .  At first I attended with a carer who sit with me as my confidence wasn't great.  I decided to attend the next course alone, which I did, a huge step.  By the end of the second course I felt like a different person, it enabled me to take my first step towards a job. 

By attending the course I felt human for the first time in years.  I enjoyed the art and creativity and seeing everyones different ideas.

I now feel more like myself and just being around complete strangers is not as daunting.  Somehow this has opened a whole new lease of life and I now believe in myself.'

This learners PHQ9 score has dropped from 18 to zero and the GAD7 has dropped to zero from 11!! Remarkable


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WOW Lynn - Such a positive outcome for your learner, a great reminder as to why we are all doing what we are doing - to make a difference.