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Buddy app and website

Screenshot from the 'Buddy' app websiteBuddy is a digital tool to support therapy services and bridge formal and informal care.

People use text messaging to keep a daily diary of what they are doing and how they are feeling, helping to spot and reinforce positive behaviours. 

It is described as follows on the NHS Choices website at http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/online-mental-health-services/Pages/buddy.aspx 

"Buddy is an app that allows you to keep a daily diary of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours via text messaging. It’s not a mental health treatment in its own right. Instead, it’s designed to be used alongside face-to-face sessions with a therapist.

The app prompts you to text what you are doing and how you are feeling each day. It also reminds you when your next appointment with your therapist is due.

Reading through your text messages helps you to spot patterns in your behaviour and begin to make connections between what you do each day and how you feel. It also helps you to plan your next therapy session.

You don’t need a smartphone to access Buddy, and all the information you provide is completely confidential to you and your therapist."

The app developers say they:

'see Buddy being adapted for long-term conditions where there is a link between lifestyle behaviour, physical health and mental well-being. For now, we're rolling out Buddy to support psychological therapy services for people with depression and anxiety, and in Early Intervention in Psychosis (eiP) services.'

It is only available via the NHS, for patients. You can see how it works at https://www.buddyapp.co.uk/ where there's a video and a presentation.

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