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Breaking the Rules - noticeboard

The ELMAG portal and F2F days


Additional resources

Screenshot of the ETF ELMAG portal homepage

ELMAG Portal - if your  leadership learning has been kickstarted or re-awoken by breaking the rules the ELMAG portal is the sector's wider electronic gateway to CPD, tools and resources like the leadership network where you can find (and/or offer) professional peer-to-peer leadership coaching/ mentoring with other people in the sector

Screenshot taken from the 'Reflection' section on the ELMAG

ELMAG leadership reflection tool - a really helpful tool for mapping and measuring your own leadership journey

Screenshot showing some of the apps in our box set of mental health and wellbeing apps for mobile devices

Apps box set - smartphone/table apps are an interesting and in our part of the sector under-used/developed learning resource that have a particular potential benefit when it comes to mental health and wellbeing. The NHS is really developing things in this area but it's also crying out for us to show some innovative digital leadership. (Just saying...)

Screenshot taken from the homepage for the national workplace wellbeing standard for England

Workplace Wellbeing Charter - if you want to do something positive about workforce wellbeing in your organisation then the Public Health England Workplace Wellbeing standards and charter is the place to start. You can self-assess and measure the progress of your organisation online and access a national curated collection of resources to help.

This is definitely worth a look because not only is reducing workforce stress a  health and safety standard that employers must meet, it's also nigh on impossible to do effective work to support learners with mental health problems in learning if you and your workforce don't understand and model good practice.








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