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Breaking the Rules: journaling

Guidelines from Anne Topping, leadership consultant, Breaking the Rules

Writing a blog or journal can be a revelatory and developmental process, especially for those in leadership. 

A 4-day progressive and accumulative activity

Day 1 

  • Create 15 minutes of space for yourself 
  • Watch this 6-minute film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoI67VeE3ds about how to write reflectively. What to write about, what to avoid writing about and the benefits of reflective writing
  • Write for 5mins non-stop: Starter sentence: As an affirmative leader I . . .
  • Consider how you responded to the process

Day 2 

  • Create 15 minutes of space for yourself
  • Write for 10 minutes non-stop
  • Reflect on the process for 5mins
    • What did it feel like while writing?
    • How did you feel at the end?
    • What has emerged?
    • Any surprises?

Day 3

  • Create 20 minutes for yourself
  • Write for 15 minutes non-stop.
  • Reflect for 5 minutes as on day 2 above.

Day 4

  • Create 25 minutes space for yourself
  • Write for 15 minutes non-stop
  • Reflect for 10 minutes on the whole process from day 1 to day  4.
    • How has the process developed?
    • What’s changed?
    • What has emerged?
    • Have you learned anything?
    • Any surprises?
    • What next?


Where to next?