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Blue Sky Afternoon Tea

Today, we had our monthly Afternoon Tea drop in. We are very fortunate at the Rycote centre that we have a cafe area that we can use as it is a teaching cafe so free sometimes. The second Monday in every month is our time to talk about the research offer to anyone who is interested, in a warm and welcoming environment, very Community learning.

I thought it would be a nice idea to capture how people felt about community learning on World Mental Health day. Some really nice conversation was captured in speach bubbles, from newcomers, learners, volunteers and tutors.

I really liked the ebb and flow of conversations and people moving in and out of the area. That ease of conversation and relaxaion that happens when people have a gift of a cake and a dring and are talking about interesting things, connecting and sharing thoughts.




I thought I'd write a quick blog on what it is like to volunteer for Blue Sky. I became involved in the project at around September 2015 whilst the project was in it's first year. I was intially a learner with Blue Sky and personally found the course that I was involved with "Building resilliance' to be very useful, it helped me to identify my strengths and to convert what I perceived to be my weaknesses into strengths, as a result I grew in confidence and wanted to be more involved. I trained in peer support with Rethink and I have since supported other learners on confidence building courses. I have seen and experienced the transformative effect of community learning and nothing gives greater satisfaction than to see a very anxious learner begin to identify with themselves and begin to appreciate that they are a valued person with unique skills and qualities to offer. Blue Sky is a fantastic project, as a volunteer it has helped me to gain new skills and training that would otherwise have been out of reach and I would recomend the courses, all of which are expertly delivered to anyone interested in community learning!