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Blackpool's new Project Coordinator - first month!

As my first month as Blackpool Adult Learning’s new co-ordinator passes me by I thought I should take some time to stop and reflect on what we have achieved so far and plans for the future now im feeling settled in my role.

Luckily for me, I feel I had a fantastic head start coming into the role as prior to securing the full-time position as coordinator I was employed as a tutor on the project , therefore I felt I had a good working knowledge. Attending the conference at Northern College in October just before I started was also a massive learning curve and a fabulous opportunity to get an in-depth knowledge of the research, meet new people, share experiences and build networks.

I feel very lucky to be joining such a diverse and talented team. My colleagues on the project bring a wealth of skills and experiences with them and while we all have a share vision of improving health and wellbeing we all have such different ideas in how we can deliver and improve our courses which make my role very exciting. They have all made me feel so welcome I feel like I have been here for years!

I am focusing my early work on networking and raising the profile of the team and the research that we are a part of. I have planned a ‘Christmas Launch’ event in December where I have invited a range of professionals to come along to meet the new staff and team and to find out more about the research pilot and what Blackpool Adult Learning can offer. It is hoped that this will be a fantastic way to reach out to a wide range of professionals and offer an opportunity to build contacts and networks. Some of our learners will be attending to share their experiences with others. I will update you on the event nearer the time.