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Be sure to catch festival follow ups: They include mental health

Over the next 2 months, the home pages on this MHFE website and the equalitiestoolkit and healthy FE websites will contain a series of different Festival of #Identities follow-up box sets. Each explores a different aspect of identities through a pan-equalities lens and will be on show for 10 days only.

We've started with our Best of LGBTQI+ curated collection  from 1st to 10th June 2016. For members of our MHFE network and #CLMH research projects you might well ask what it's got to do with mental health. It's got everything to do with mental health. Experiences of prejudice and discrimination are strongly associated with triggering people's vulnerabilities to mental health problems. This means that people who experience prejudice and discrimination in our society because they are seen and treated as  'different' to the default 'normal' are over-represented among those of us who develop mental health problems.

To see what we mean, please take a few moments on our home page to look at | listen to: 

  • The live recording of Pride and Prejudice in Education, which brings home the  unacceptable trans bullying that goes on un-challenged every day in our sector
  • The haunting song "It gets better" a student explores being young and gay and self-harming and coming out and college
  • WEA's e-learning modules on LGBT and mental health, disability and race, women and disability, working with students with dementia, Black women and class, asylum seekers, nationality and gender, young women, childbirth and maternity, and older men with mental health difficulties.  (These are free to access for everyone via the WEA's VLE -  WEAVE)
  • You can't fail to be moved by Morley College's beautiful, sad, empowering ESOL animation: "LGBT activism in Kyrgyzstan"