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all around me

outside this morning is the sound of a petrol driven hedge clipper, neatening up the hedge over the road from where i currently sit.  my back is to the window, a technique i've recently adopted to reduce the amount of distraction i allow for myself.  instead i look into the room.  tantalisingly my cup of tea is a short walk away.  i've sat to write a blog post and i'm negotiating how to begin my writing.

the tea was cool and easy to drink.  

recently i've begun a new job share, i have two days extra work a week now.  it's always felt like i needed to have something that i could do to help me self fund the ideas around my creative expression and well being activity aspirations.  

our musical journey has been continuing.  it's now only a couple of weeks to when we step outside and play to the world our selection of practiced tunes.  at the last evening though there were some doubts about the event so i'm hoping that tomorrow night we'll learn of the remedies for the doubts.

within my extended family i've begun to have more conversations about mental health and conditions that affect it.  i've been hearing about how at a high school near me within the language department there are practices that involve the students receiving detentions for test marks below pass because this is a sign of not doing their homework to prepare for the test.  in the same department it's said that after a test the students are asked to read out their score in front of the class.  there is a choice to "say later" however within the class this is read as a sign of failure, a below pass mark score.  anecdotally, both theses practices are shown to have an impact on the mental health of the students.

i've noticed that after i have been talking about my own mental health journey, members of the extended family are starting to talk more about their own mental health.  there's one member in particular who has shared quite alot about how it is for them.  i'm hoping that because the dialogue has begun it might be able to listen more and encourage them in their own journey.

those last two paragraphs were the two i wanted to write when i sat down and now they are there i feel a sense of acheivement.  

never under estimate the feeling of acheievemnt as a result of completing a small achievable task.