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Active Wellness Peterborough Year 2

The DfE Community Learning | Mental Health Research site (2015/17) 

Welcome to the 'Active Wellness Project' City College Peterborough's Community Learning Mental Health Research Project.

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Our Research Project 

Our "Active Wellness" programme is part of a national research project offering free learning advice and short courses for people over age of 19 years who may be experiencing mild to moderate challenges such as stress, anxiety and/or depression. 

On a white background, a black trunk of a tree leaps to life. It rests upon a small hill arching upwards towards the sky. Its leaves spring out around it, the lower ones dark – almost black and as our eyes drift further up around the dark bark the leaves begin to lighten. Finally at the top they shoot upwards, reaching out like outstretched fingers in light green, almost as light as freshly sprung grass.  In the centre of the tree, above the dark bark but below the light green leaves, there is a small yellow circle. Its representation is of the sun, and the trees teardrop shaped leaves sit around it like beams of light. Under the picture sits the words ‘ Be Active’,  the almost handwritten letters are mustard coloured  and arch up in a semi-circle. Below these sits ‘Keep Well’, again in a font that could be recognised as hand written but this time in a rich, deep pink.

We have a variety of courses for you to choose from: 

  • Exploring Digital Art
  • Complementary Therapies
  • Cookery
  • Drawing and Painting Techniques
  • Creative Writing for All
  • The Secrets of Gardening
  • Fun with Flowers

Before your course

Book an appointment to meet with our Learning Advisor who will help you to decide which course is right for you. We will ask you to complete some wellbing tools which will help us to record your progression throughout the pragramme. 

During your course

Your course will be delivered by experienced tutors, who will support you throughout the course. 

If you have any concerns whilst on the course you can book to see the Learning Advisor at any time. You will be offered information advice and guidance on how to progress after your course. 

After your course

You will have the opportunity to attend learning workshops throughout the year to offer you continued support. 

More Information?

For more information contact  Suada Revolledo, Project Coordinator, via the networking link on MHFE page (NB you need to be registered on the site and logged in to use our direct messaging). 

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