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The Thinking Environment

Could all you wonderful mhfe people wish me luck today as I use the Thinking Environment in part of our team meeting please?

I recognise that I won't be as inspiring as Lou Mycroft but I'm going to give it a go! 

I'm rather unsure how it will be received, but I feel quite certain that once the team see the benfits of:

Learner Voice

Hi there, 

I've been having a play with padlet and am starting off simply by posting some learner voice comments from phase 1. It's a small selection to share for now. 

It's really great to see some of the learners' comments and how they feel they have benefited on the project.

I am trying to add it to my project page without success, but I'll keep experimenting.



To Be or Not To Be.........

That is the question......... feedback from my first blog about inviting ESOL waiting learners to be part of our resesarch.

Out of approximately 200 invitations that we posted out we only had 4 attendees in total on 29th and 30th June.

I can only try to keep a stiff upper lip about the amount of effort put into planning, organising and executing these 2 events.

Lessons learned:( shoulda... coulda... woulda....)

Not before time..........

I always try to find time to read the blogs on mhfe.  Honestly I do!.....................

Sometimes I even manage it!  

This is my FIRST (#hanging my head in shame)  blog so please do read it....... 

I always value the networking meetings in London, as well as the Friday Zooms because we get to share good practice and be inspired by the creative ideas, solutions and comments of others.

My blog tells a story of 'try something different' - based on a comment from a London meet and the need to be creative in engaging learners.

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