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End of Learn to Grow project overview

As the project has finally come to an end we have collated the journeys of both the project and some of our inspiration learners. Please see attached.

As the project draws to a close in St Helens

As the project draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on our Learn to Grow programme, developments and lessons learned, and also on my own personal journey as a tutor and co-ordinator.

Adult Learners’ Celebration June 17 in St Helens



The team were really pleased that 50 learners from the project attended the annual ACL adult learners’ celebration (2/3 of participants!). 39 completed our next steps booklet and 4 received an award in recognition of their progress!

Invisible Ilness

Invisible Illness

We are a writing group who have come together because we are involved in a government- funded

Learn to Grow Learner feedback

Another positive testistment to the project in St Helens, in the learners own words

Learn to Grow - learner feedback


Positive feedback from one of the learners in St Helens who has successfully found employment, and has taken the time to email our project today...


I'd highly recommend the courses to anyone as I've really enjoyed them and they've helped me in ways I didn't realise I needed x  


Photography and More


Hi All

We have been catching up with learners from year 1.....

Latest update from St Helens

Hi All

Here's our latest overview for our group B project. Thoughts/ comments/ suggestions welcome.

We have lots of activity planned to keep promoting and hopefully raise the number of volunteers here...


Learn to Grow


St Helens update- group B

Learn to Grow project December Update

Hi All

Here's a quick update on where we are upto here in St Helens.

Questions, comments or support welcome! Please contact  Andrea on andreaforsyth@sthelens.gov.uk or call 01744 677596

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