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It just works against hope and recovery at so many levels

Thanks to Al, for  the MHFE news posting today of the link to the 'DWP News' story in the Guardian last week (17th Feb).

Obviously it's been one of the key national topics for discussion this week and it is managing to cause a strong backlash all the way around.There are some powerful related news items in the sidebars to the story that are also worth reading, in particular the very revealing Guardian blog following the news story, which you can read at:

Monday morning...

So it's Monday morning (well it was when I started this) and I didn't get half as much done over the weekend as I'd hoped - why is that such a familiar feeling. Anyway, filled with the anticipation of a new week in which to further develop our e-community and its associated website I am having a go at this our first blog entry (until I post it I have no idea where it will go or what it will look like - so fingers crossed it does what I think it will and if not there may be some very public egg on my face!).

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