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Support information for young people and parents

I have been looking at the different forms of support available to young people and parents and have linked to Choice forum which provides some interesting comments about the way in which learners with disabilities have been treated. Has anyone else come across this group, it is very very active and seems to have a strong and diverse range of contributors?

January 2013

I am really keen to investigate the way in which learners are coping after the Christmas break. Often after Christmas there is a natural low , getting back into the swing of learning, maybe exams or assessments and would be interested to find out how learning services like counselling and support are asked to address this in terms of their time planning? It might also be useful to see which type of counselling the learners might use, PCT, CBT or psychodynamic? Has anyone any experience in looking at this? 


Making some new network links with NUS, looking at the way in which curriculum is being developed involving learners. It is interesting to look at the way learner feedback affects the way in which the courses are being developed, especially in relation to the learners who struggle with interpreting feedback, where they have low self esteem or perhaps do not have the technical language to understand what is meant, and how this impacts on their decision to remain on the programme, let alone their success. Watch this space.

New challenges

I have been asked to consult and advise on an LSIS bid from National Careers Service Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland. Initially the focus was only related to LLLD, but they have now, following discussion and input  added the issues surrounding mental health. This means that if the bid is successful, not only will NCS Newcastle etc., be working towards developing resources for clients and employers who have LLLD concerns but also taking on board the hidden issue of mental health difficulties in employability and training. Fingers crossed for the bid!!!! 

Re what's been happening

This year has really whizzed by. I have been busy networking with a range of support groups within the North East each one giving me a valuable insight into provision and need with the region. I am hoping to build on this with some of the groups in order to develop CPD for FE tutors/managers but also perhaps to link different groups together. I am particualry interested in the possibility of creating an app for service provision and information for parents/ carers for post 18 learners...more about this later on. Hopefully see you at the London conference on November 9th. 

University of Huddersfield conference

I was really lucky last week and enjoyed a brilliant conference at Huddersfiled - and The Consortium for PCET.

Recovery colleges

I have been interested to find out about recovery colleges, their focus and their aims to improve life chances and opportunities for people with MH issues. Have a look at the following site it explores the journey learners have to go on yet further exposes the gulf between the learner with treated mental health issues and the non mental health learner: http:/www.swlstg-tr.nhs.uk/our-service/south-west-london-recovery-college/

Re research

I had a very interesting time last week in London with the MHFE team, meeting up with some innovative practitioners which I hope will lead to a podcast or webinar about developing programmes which start off as discrete provision and then route learners into mainstream!

I am Working on the impact of self esteem, teacher/student relationships in order to show the value of good rapport and understanding in the classroom identifying the links with learners with MH issues of course. Watch out for my new SIG which I hope to get up and running this month!


Therapeutic educaton

I am starting to looking into therapeutic education and to see if the use of this concept has led to an increase in awareness of well being, which has in turn increased a wllingness to accept that mental health issues can and do impact on learning. I am not sure if this was the intention or simply a welcome side effect? I would welcome any ideas/views  about this?

MHFE this week

Lots going on this week again, finalising the bulletin and working on a summary of recent articles on the impact of group work on learners with mental health issues. The preliminary findings appear to be that group work simply keeps learners occupied rather than make a real learning difference! Watch out for more.


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