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Recovery colleges

I have been interested to find out about recovery colleges, their focus and their aims to improve life chances and opportunities for people with MH issues. Have a look at the following site it explores the journey learners have to go on yet further exposes the gulf between the learner with treated mental health issues and the non mental health learner: http:/www.swlstg-tr.nhs.uk/our-service/south-west-london-recovery-college/

Re research

I had a very interesting time last week in London with the MHFE team, meeting up with some innovative practitioners which I hope will lead to a podcast or webinar about developing programmes which start off as discrete provision and then route learners into mainstream!

I am Working on the impact of self esteem, teacher/student relationships in order to show the value of good rapport and understanding in the classroom identifying the links with learners with MH issues of course. Watch out for my new SIG which I hope to get up and running this month!


Therapeutic educaton

I am starting to looking into therapeutic education and to see if the use of this concept has led to an increase in awareness of well being, which has in turn increased a wllingness to accept that mental health issues can and do impact on learning. I am not sure if this was the intention or simply a welcome side effect? I would welcome any ideas/views  about this?

It just works against hope and recovery at so many levels

Thanks to Al, for  the MHFE news posting today of the link to the 'DWP News' story in the Guardian last week (17th Feb).

Obviously it's been one of the key national topics for discussion this week and it is managing to cause a strong backlash all the way around.There are some powerful related news items in the sidebars to the story that are also worth reading, in particular the very revealing Guardian blog following the news story, which you can read at:

MHFE this week

Lots going on this week again, finalising the bulletin and working on a summary of recent articles on the impact of group work on learners with mental health issues. The preliminary findings appear to be that group work simply keeps learners occupied rather than make a real learning difference! Watch out for more.

This week

Last week was quite hectic but really enjoyable it was good to spend some proper time thinking about  the project and how I can add something. 

My news this week is also interesting, my other job includes working with an advice service and I have been asked to look at the resources which the service has available in terms of learners up to 25 with mental health issues, update it and prepare some materials as well. So needless to say I have identified the MHFE site amongst others. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few months.


Virtual secondees

This is my first blog entry as a virtual secondee. I am interested in looking at the way in which pedagogy can change through the creation of effective partnerhsips between teachers, supporters and service users.

Improvisation, live performance and freedom

I was privileged to witness 2 amazing pieces of live performance last night at a celebration evening of Complementary and Supplementary schools at County Hall, Hertford. The Hertfordshire Music Service is currently running 'Songwriter 2012', a project  to support young people's emotional learning, which has been match-funded by the BME achievement team who coordinate the C and S schools, and who invited us to contribute some live music as part of the evening.

Mental health CPD leadership meeting, 9th December 2011

Really interesting start to the LSIS project on Friday. Great to meet some very committed people from other areas, and especially to hear about their innovative practice. Particularly looking forward to checking out 'Back on Track'.

A couple of things from the session resonated. Firstly, the importance of organisations 'walking the talk' on supporting staff well-being the way we hope to support learners'. How else is transmission of confidence and relaxed learning possible, especially in making music?

Monday morning...

So it's Monday morning (well it was when I started this) and I didn't get half as much done over the weekend as I'd hoped - why is that such a familiar feeling. Anyway, filled with the anticipation of a new week in which to further develop our e-community and its associated website I am having a go at this our first blog entry (until I post it I have no idea where it will go or what it will look like - so fingers crossed it does what I think it will and if not there may be some very public egg on my face!).


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