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Learner - Case Study Craft classes

This is an extract from one learners emotional story.  This learner started off with severe and enduring caseness scores.  After the classes the learners scores have been reduced to mild to moderate scores.

'I have suffered with MH issues most of my adult life and up until a few months ago, was in a bad place.  I have just finished 20 sessions of courses with Blackpool Mental Health team who have helped me so much, and made me a bit more aware of my problems and how to cope with them.

Schwellenangst - or when IAG goes wrong

A post that looks at how unmanaged anxiety can wreck learning before it starts - and reflects that a successful learning journey starts with the IAG session.

Hackney Community College Mental Health Team win a TES Award for Supporting Learners

Hi All

I am very pleased to announce the Mental Health Team have been awarded a Times Education Supplement Award for supporting learners. The awards ceremony took place at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Friday.

We are delighted to have our work nationally recognised again, this allows us to highlight the inovative work in Further Education. 

Central Beds Impact Mental Health Peer Support Annual Report

On the weekly Zoom Meeting I asked about how to make our Annual Report available on the MHFE site.

Whilst I am looking at a means to produce a fully accessible pdf version I thought I would share a link here to see whether the National Pilot Comminity feel its worthwhile sharing or if it is too long / boring. 

We are intending to use it a briefing tool for customers, press and partners, so it is written assuming the reader has no prior knowledge of the National Pilot.

I would welcome any comments feedback or ideas for improvement!

Let’s not forget the wider social impact of what we do

As part of the CLMH project, I recently contacted the local Jobcentres and offered them a Confidence & Motivation course for people that were experiencing mild-moderate anxiety or depression.

Vocational Skills and the Visual Arts

Art 89 was created through the Mental Health programme at Barnet and Southgate College to develop vocational skills in an inspiring and innovative way.  Five years on with much under our belt especially with regard to creating a Community of Practice, decision making and self awareness tools as well as all that goes with creating a social enterprise we are keen to connect with others with an interest in this area. Reach us through our website, Facebook or Twitter.

Hackney Community College Shortlisted for a TES Award

I am very pleased to inform the network the mental health education & employment service has been shortlisted for a Times Educational Supplement Award for supporting learners.

BBC self assessment tool


Having just completed the self assessment tool on the BBC website, I am pleased to report that based on my responses i am currently not experiencing many of the symptoms seen in depression.  

What's going on with the Portsmouth Navigate Pilot.

I recently attended the London Break out training; it was good to see how other Pilots were managing and  the good practise that is going on.

We have been running a variety of courses as requested by our learners and this has included Animal care and Animal Behaviour, Singing/music, Self-Employment, Painting, Working with Clay and an A&C course that covers things like lino printing, shabby-chic furniture, Soap making, lip balms and bath bombs amongst other things. 


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