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Case Study - Memory Boards

This is how we make a difference to people who come on our adult learning courses.  This has been recorded by a learner and is in her own words

'Since starting on these creative courses, I have felt alot more confident to the point that I have now starting a volunteering job.

This time last year I was so depressed I struggled to leave the house on my own. For over 5 years I have struggled to do just the simplest things.


Hi All,

I'm trying to edit the Portsmouth Navigate Page on Padlet - it's very out of date - but I don't seem to be able to do it: can anyone help please.

many thanks, Lin

Blackpool - Year 1 Well-being report

Blackpool Adult Community & Family Learning

Well-being Report             April 2016

Hello world of bloggers

Hi everyone

My maiden blog at last. It is lovely to have finally got to the point where I feel confident enough to enter this. I have very much enjoyed reading everyone elses contributions so here is mine.

MIND organisations not welcome........?????

Hi Folks

Just heard that Local Authorities will get additional funding to continue with the Community Mental Health Learning courses but that they are not allowed to sub-contract any of the work out to other agencies including Local Mind groups.  As our local Mind group here in Darlington have run the courses for last 16 months and more than 188 people with mental health have benefitted, we are gutted to say the least that someone within the programme has decided we are not worthy partners?

Can someone explain to me the rationale for this odd decision?


Smile:)MK Review

Well, apologies that this is my first (and last) blog entry.  I'm a little late to the party on this one but I thought I would give you a brief overview of our experience of the MHFE pilot at Community Learning MK (CLMK) since September 2015.

5 ways to wellbeing on Southall Radio

Recently, I got the opportunity to talk on a radio station called Southall Radio on a  regular slot called ‘care to share’  . Having had a close friend take part in an interview a week before - I took the opportunity to give our project and the MHFE some airtime.  I chose the topic of 5 ways to wellbeing and it was given in English.

Moving on - let my learning journey begin

Well - in my new role as Project lead  -


I have had a master class on the MHFE web site and adding work to the Padlet - Thank you Catina - I have managed to link my first blog - SO chuffed about that ... despite my poor internet probelms....

I had signed up for Breaking the Rules "Down South" -  and following the pre course instructions have now added my post to the Padlet - need to be brave and video that.....

The Learning Disability Mental Health Challenge

It is estimated that between 25-40% of people with learning disabilities also suffer with mental health problems.

RACCs work with volunteers in the wellbeing project

RACC setup a wellbeing project volunteer role description and recruited its first volunteers in January, this was successful for its first term which led us to a second round of recruitment for term 2 which took place in April with volunteers looking to start over the Summer and help out at open days. We now have a total of 7 volunteers taking part in the following activities

1. Providing clerical and project support to the administrator and project manager of the project team.


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