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Positive Futures - Learner feedback

Upon completion of a recent Positive Futures course learners were asked how they felt.  This course was based around the '5 Ways to Well-being' focusing on many aspects including diet and nutrient.  One learner asked if the topic of 'Self Love' could be included and following that session these are some of the comments made

'Connecting and sharing with others has felt good, I found the session on self love very beneficial'

World Mental Health Day 2015

Hi All

World Mental Health Day is 10th Oct 2016.  Blackpool held a big event in 2015 for local services to show what is available for those who have mental health issues.  The event was attended by 3000 residents of Blackpool and took part in a variety of activities including Bollywood dancing and Tai Chi (see attached link to a TV recording of the event). 




Case Study - Memory Boards

This is how we make a difference to people who come on our adult learning courses.  This has been recorded by a learner and is in her own words

'Since starting on these creative courses, I have felt alot more confident to the point that I have now starting a volunteering job.

This time last year I was so depressed I struggled to leave the house on my own. For over 5 years I have struggled to do just the simplest things.

Blackpool - Year 1 Well-being report

Blackpool Adult Community & Family Learning

Well-being Report             April 2016

Blackpool MH pilot & IAPT services

Initially Blackpool ACFL were working in partnership with the IAPT team, but half way through the joint working the IAPT service purchased a package which enabled them to deliver to large numbers of clients about depression, anxiety etc.  This has impacted on our number of referrals from this route which have decreased considerably.  We do still work with the IAPT service but on a much reduced scale. 

However, due to funding cuts the BACFL service has picked up learners from the Arts for Health service and also the Well-being service as these no longer exist. 

Grow your Happiness

Blackpool, along with its partners, Public Health, members of the local Hindu Society and volunteers are all set to welcome 30 learners to the World Healing Crusade starting on Mon 6th June 2016. 

The aim of the course is to improve mood, build confidence and have some fun in the process.  They will be given the opportunity to take part in gardening and growing their own herbs and vegetables.  In addition to this there will be an offer of singing for health and some Mindfulness exercises along with the development of relaxation techniques. 

Learner - Case Study Craft classes

This is an extract from one learners emotional story.  This learner started off with severe and enduring caseness scores.  After the classes the learners scores have been reduced to mild to moderate scores.

'I have suffered with MH issues most of my adult life and up until a few months ago, was in a bad place.  I have just finished 20 sessions of courses with Blackpool Mental Health team who have helped me so much, and made me a bit more aware of my problems and how to cope with them.

IAG and mental health

Does anybody know of any specific courses/workshops linking mental health and IAG?

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