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world mental health day.

This year for world mental health day I’ve been part of a session entitled “creating calm” at the museum I freelance at. Using experiences from other sessions during the year and working with another practitioner we had drawing and a hands on activity for the visitors to take time, slow down and be at one within the time and space.


an informative period of time preceeds this post in which value has been at the forefront of my thinking.  as well as thinking there has been a lot of doing, i think i've had my busiest january for some time and its been good.

time for choice.

i'd like to share with you a couple of things that have been on my mind for a few weeks now.  one is about mental health considerations in the work place and the other is connected to a conversation about recycling.

conditions for learning

i'm drawn this morning to remember good old maslow and his heirachy of needs.  it's a theorectical basis within the level 3 forest school leader course.  it's argued that for a learner at forest school to truely be in the moment and start to get the most out of the process their needs to be met.

i'm drawn to maslow today because i'm reflecting upon the last two weeks.  a time in which there was much uncertainty and eventually disappointment.


with a clearer mind i arrive at making another blog post.  i think the post is about acceptance and how this helps me in my everyday life.  i think it's about acceptance as i'm still writing it and accept that i don't fully know what the post will be about.

something i know i do want to write about is how i've been coping with a sitution at work.  

mechanics of expectation

in the recent post about the celebration event i attended i spoke of myself relative to the musical performance.  since publishing the post i've been thinking about the mechancis of expectation of words i find myself encountering.

in the post i swerve around the word musician.  i swerve it as it conjurs up an expectation - in me at least.  i can;t say for sure where this comes from although i could make an informed guess of historical influence from an early age.

so exploring my expecation of the word musician i find that the range is small - at least i thnk it is.  

its ok to like myself.

i'm in reflective mood today after being at the bluesky celebration event of the centre where i've been a learner.  i took a personal situation into the space on friday, hidden from view.  as  i listened to stories of others on the programme the tears helped me to work through the hidden situation.

positive visualisation

about a month a go i started a part time position within a project that i've been connectd with for about a year.  in conversation yesterday while reviewing and reflecting upon a recent session i found myself discussing how within my own practice i've been reviewing how i use visualisation to help me in new situations.

it's only recently i've been aware of how i use visualisation, even though i knew i was making mental preparations for things yet to come.

i'm crossing my fingers

my phone vibrates and i'm distracted from pondering what to write for this blog post.  there's a need to record and reflect about what i've done lately and still i have no clear starting point.

i think how i felt at the very beginning of my journey through the research project.  as i continued to grow and gain confidence the no clear starting point became a faint thought and i grew in confidence as i met with and got to know those on the course and those delivering and administering it.

last friday my journey reached a station as a result of making the journey itself.

all around me

outside this morning is the sound of a petrol driven hedge clipper, neatening up the hedge over the road from where i currently sit.  my back is to the window, a technique i've recently adopted to reduce the amount of distraction i allow for myself.  instead i look into the room.  tantalisingly my cup of tea is a short walk away.  i've sat to write a blog post and i'm negotiating how to begin my writing.

the tea was cool and easy to drink.  


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