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Navigate update.

Hello Everyone,

I hope all are keeping chins up as we head towards the final phase of the research.

Our DIY tutor has been on long-term sick since February which threw a bit of a spanner into the works luckily our gardening tutor stepped in and has managed to keep our heads above water.

Our referrals are generally a steady trickle but  we have been doing a bit of outreach and this has proved to be bonus providing a well needed injection of learners.


Hi All,

I'm trying to edit the Portsmouth Navigate Page on Padlet - it's very out of date - but I don't seem to be able to do it: can anyone help please.

many thanks, Lin

Moving on

I was wondering what other Pilots are doing about learners who have attended courses and really increased their confidence but are maybe not quite ready to do something completely on their own?  We have been running a Learner-led group for some time which has been facilitated by one of our learners who now volunteers with us and we have been using this as a progression.

Learner story

I have put an extract from an e-mail that we received from one of our learners which shows the power of community learning on wellbeing.

What's going on with the Portsmouth Navigate Pilot.

I recently attended the London Break out training; it was good to see how other Pilots were managing and  the good practise that is going on.

We have been running a variety of courses as requested by our learners and this has included Animal care and Animal Behaviour, Singing/music, Self-Employment, Painting, Working with Clay and an A&C course that covers things like lino printing, shabby-chic furniture, Soap making, lip balms and bath bombs amongst other things. 

Postcard from Portsmouth pilot project

We put a course together as a result of a similar thing to the "Pop-up" cafe that I saw on one of the other blogs where we organised 2 days of 1:1's with an emplyment partner who referred their ESA clients. We also consulted learners about the sort of things they were interested in.

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