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PLEASE NOTE: This site is closing 26-Oct-2021.
After then, the domain name will not be renewed, so attempting to access this site will no longer work.


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Ways to Wellbeing Case Study

How the IAG offer enhanced the learning on course for one of our learners

Still useful

Many times I have needed information from the project and so come on here to the box sets or other areas to find things.

Welcoming in the new year

For many people the new year has already become populated with 'stuff' and 'things' and 'doing'

world mental health day.

This year for world mental health day I’ve been part of a session entitled “creating calm” at the museum I freelance at. Using experiences from other sessions during the year and working with another practitioner we had drawing and a hands on activity for the visitors to take time, slow down and be at one within the time and space.

Mental Health First Aid

It has been a while since my role in the reasearch as the co-ordinator came to an end.

I am pleased to say that Derby Adult Learning still has a welbeing programme and Mental Health First Aid continues to grow.

There is more to be done to support this area but we are pushing ahead. Thanks to the project I feel one step closer to mental health being taken to the next level of awareness.  

CLMH Special Edition Diversity Diary for 2018-19 - Coming Soon!

I am pleased to tell you that a special mental health edition of the popular Staff Diversity Diary is being prepared for 2018-19. In previous years this resource has been available both in hard copy and electronically to all types of provider in the FE and skills sector. The pages within have supported staff in the sector to advance equality. Entries include special equality dates, good practice projects, research and useful links.

Mental Health First Aid - Instructor Training Program -


I am really looking forward to attending the following "Mental Health FIrst Aid instructor training program"  - starting early February.  It seems it has been a long time in the planning and waiting but finally all the things are in place to start next week. 

The legacy of our reserch project continues.

CPD continues 

On a seperate note I attended a workshop that was postponed from before Christmas. The workshop looked at enabling learners to develop self management tools for life, college and work.


an informative period of time preceeds this post in which value has been at the forefront of my thinking.  as well as thinking there has been a lot of doing, i think i've had my busiest january for some time and its been good.

WOW! - It continues - What an eventful Autumn term.

So it's been a while since my last blog entry and so much has happened since then. Like everything in education nothing stands still...

End of Learn to Grow project overview

As the project has finally come to an end we have collated the journeys of both the project and some of our inspiration learners. Please see attached.


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