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Mental health for all? 

The final report of the Commission for Equality in Mental Health

MHFE is proud to have been part of the Centre for Mental Health Commission for Equality in Mental Health @MH_Equality and to bring you the final report: 'Mental health for all?' launched Thursday 12 November 2020

Cover of  Mental health for all? The final report of the Commission for Equality in Mental Health

Please download, read and share this report. There are lots of references to what needs to happen in the education system.

Yes, it's schools and colleges heavy, and we are sorry about that, but we never gave up on telling the other commissioners about the Community Learning Mental Health Research, #CLMH. The evidence it provides of positive mental health outcomes (measured using the same tools as NHS mental health services). And, given the publication this same day of the UK Government's own report of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities the importance of the #CLMH finding that adult community education can be more effective than NHS services at reaching people of Black (African, Caribbean, British), South Asian, mixed and minority ethnic heritage, with common mental health problems.

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