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DfE national Community Learning Mental Health (CLMH) research 2015/17

Documents, pages, stories, resources etc. that are about the BISi national Community Learning Mental Health research 2015/17

Will someone help me create and post my day?

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Yes. Of course we'll help you post your Day in the Life...

The day we want you to tell us about is 21 June 2017, but you can post your entry anytime between 6am on 21 June 2017 and 11pm on 28 June 2017.

Many projects are organising classes, special sessions, drop-in cafes and picnics, so you can meet up again to create and get help uploading your day.

What happens after I post my day?

Image of blue and green strings of summer buntingAfter you post your Day in the Life entry there will be a delay of several weeks before we publish it on the MHFE website.

What do I say?

Image of blue and green strings of summer buntingDo

  • Only join in if you feel happy to do so.
  • Tell us about your day on 21 June 2017. For this to work, we all need to share the same day - 21st June. 
  • Be honest. It’s a day in your life you are sharing with anyone who wants to read it.

A Day in the Life... in adult education on 21st June 2017

Image of blue and green bunting decorating the pageSince April 2015, people all around the country have been taking short adult education courses to see if it helps them develop strategies to manage things like having trouble sleeping, stress, worry, feeling low, finding it diffi

Thank you to all our research volunteers

Thanks for completing the survey

You make this research possible. We couldn't do it without your time and interest and the information you are entrusting us with. We promise to use it to try and find out if short community learning classes can help any of us who wants to develop strategies to better manage our mental health and get on with our lives. Please accept our sincere thanks. 

Later in 2017 we've two more things coming up that you might be interested in: 

Positive Minds Learn for Wellbeing

In year 2 (2016/17) of the DfE adult education | mental health research Blackburn with Darwen Council adult learning service is assigned to one of 3 non-equivalent intervention groups. We are in Group A. This means that along with 18 other projects, DfE requires us to offer:

The Fortis Project (year 2)

Year 2 of Medway Adult Learning Service Fortis praxis as part of the DfE Adult Education Mental Health national research project 2015/17.


Medway Adult Education overview

Active Wellness Peterborough Year 2

Welcome to the 'Active Wellness Project' City College Peterborough's Community Learning Mental Health Research Project.


Thanks to everyone who made the AutumnMeet at Northern College such a positive and productive event. I haven't really had time or brain space to reflect on it all yet, but just looking at the notes I took from the breadth and range of topics covered, I can already see how valuable it is going to be for our project.

CLMH research Phase 2 spec for providers (final)

Attached below, is the final spec for learning providers involved in phase 2 of the DfE Community Learning Mental Health research project 2015/17, 

In the Phase 2 research providers are divided into the following 3 non-equivalent study groups


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