Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there, We like to think our site is pretty user friendly, but we appreciate there are times when things go wrong or you simply need a little help.

With this in mind we’ve put together some examples of previous enquiries along with some useful answers. In the event your issue is not covered here please contact us.

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Thanks. Yes you decide how often you receive notiifcations from MHFEdefinition. Choose from:

  • Every hour
  • Twice a day
  • Daily or
  • Weekly 

Did you know that as well as changing the frequency you can also pick news up from the MHFEdefinition website rather than receiving it as an email?

All you need to do to change either of these is:

  1. Login to MHFE, click on your name (under  ‘online users’ in the right hand sidebar)
  2. Click ‘edit’ (which is the second tab)
  3. Scroll down to ‘Messaging and Notifications settings, then using the drop down lists select: 
  • Whether you want to receive notifications by email or to pick them up when you login to MHFE
  • How often you want to receive notifications
  • Check the ‘auto subscribe’ option (so that you receive notifications for any threads you create/post to)

     4. Scroll to the bottom and click ‘save’.  That's it, done!

OMG! I am so sorry about the headaches. Thanks for telling me.

However, if you put your feet up tonight instead of working (as I know from previous emails you often do) then by tomorrow morning all will be well for you hopefully on .

The black background for the reading pane was never intentional but an e-gremlin that crept in along the way. I didn't dare risk having no site to launch last Tuesday so went with what we had (ironically would you believe it still conformed to the web accessibility standards!).

We have been working on a fix  on a 'copy' site and will be installing it late tonight i.e. when we think most of our visitors will be in bed asleep (it's a bit like being an e-Santa). As you’ll see the reading pane will acquire a white background, which will hopefully be easier for everyone.

Image of a MHFE web page with white background for the reading pane

Let me know if it improves things won’t you.

Are you OK for me to add this Q (and reply) in an anonymised format to the FAQs for the site? (It’s the first one we’ve had)

Thanks again













What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social network that has snowballed in popularity. Like any social network it is used to link friends, fans, and people with common interests - like mental health and learning!

What are the benefits of Twitter?

Twitter’s distinctive feature is that it limits messages (called tweets) to 140 characters. This means you can't easily have long conversations, but makes Twitter a great tool for resource sharing. The short messages make Twitter manageable for busy people and its simple format works well on mobile phones, making it easy to use when on the move.

Why does a mental health and learning e-project use Twitter?

Twitter is great for sharing information – which it what we use it for on the e-project site:

Resource Sharing:

  • News stories
  • TV/Radio programmes
  • Government policy documents
  • Important articles and publications
  • Resources developed by key organisations in the field

Announcements :

  • E-project webinars
  • Maintenance work on the e-project site
  • Updated articles/material on the e-project site
  • Flagging up interesting conversations going on in the forum
  • Training events and conferences run by us and other key organsiations

How is your Twitter feed different from your Forums?

We don’t tend to use Twitter as a discussion forum. The technology behind Twitter uses makes it hard to hold group debates and for everyone to get involved. Our forums are much better suited for this, so they are where we hang out, chat, share ideas and build friendships. Twitter is where we keep each other in the loop about important developments in mental health and learning.  

I’ve looked at Twitter and I’m confused! Is there a guide to how to use it?

Yes! Twitter is very simple to use, but can take some getting used to. There are plenty of excellent guides for people interested in learning how to Tweet.  The official guide to twitter is a good starting point, and this YouTube video is a great introduction for more visual/audio learners. Your local library will likely have a book about Twitter, or be able to order you one.

I really hate Twitter and social networking, but the information you send out sounds useful. Is there another way I can get to it?

The key information on our twitter feed will also be included in our e-bulletin.

Please visit for further details and to nominate your learners.