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Ways to Wellbeing Case Study #1

How the IAG offer enhanced the learning on course for one of our learners

Where are the Men Update: I Remember...

In one of my previous blogs I wrote about some outreach work I did with a group of men who had experienced homelessness.  Our statistics show that the majority of the people we work with who have experienced homelessness are men.  However, I know from 10 years of community outreach work, that getting individuals into learning from this type of cohort is a challenge. 

From a CLMHR Phase 1 Learner

We received this via email recently, and I am posting it in more or less its original form, with some small edits for anonymity.  This means that some of the language is not what we would generally use in the sector, but it's what the learner is choosing to say about their experience.

Developing a Balanced Curriculum Offer or Where Are the Men?

In Phase 1 we were mindful (no pun intended!) that in terms of gender breakdown, our CLMH research project participants were closely mirroring the overall college profile - where around 70% of learners are female.  In the early stages we had a really good balance - reaching the dizzy heights of a 40/60 male/female percentage split, but as the numbers increased, the male percentage of participants decreased.

A Thank You from a Phase 1 Learner

A phase 1 learner sent this email to the IAG worker in September 2016.

The course the learner attended was Mindfulness.  The geographical references have been edited to ensure anonymity.

Art by a Ways to Wellbeing Learner

The piece below was produced using an iPad on a digital art in the park short course. 

Learning outcomes included building digital resilience and using different apps to produce digital artwork.  This learner said that they were frustrated with the technology at the start of the course and felt like 'throwing the iPad against the wall'.  

Our Ways to Wellbeing Pinterest Board

I am not too handy with Pinterest but I'm learning and it's a good way for our tutors to showcase our learners' work. This link to our Pinterest board shows you what people have been up to.

Ways to Wellbeing - A Learner's Voice

This piece was written by one of our recent CLMH learners.  He has progressed into mainstream community learning classes and still attends our Ways to Wellbeing

Schwellenangst - or when IAG goes wrong

A post that looks at how unmanaged anxiety can wreck learning before it starts - and reflects that a successful learning journey starts with the IAGi session.

Partnership working that works - an article from the voluntary sector in Southend about #TimetoTalk Day

Time to Talk Day took place on Thursday 4th February 2016. The aim was to get as many people as possible across England talking about mental health. Time to Talk Day was launched by the mental health anti-stigma campaign Time to Change. Their latest survey has revealed that nearly 60% of people with mental health problems wait over a year to tell the people closest to them about it.

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