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Poverty and Mental Health

A very interesting blog article on Poverty and Mental Health by Iris Elliott Head of Policy and Research at the Mental Health Foundation.  She has written a full report on the subject which can be downloaded for free from a link on her blog.


My first blog!

Hi everyone - I've tried to get to grips with Padlet today and post some learner comments. After a few interruptions, I've managed to get one comment on there and will add more later, assuming I've done it properly!


Fingers crossed!

Curriculum planning day

Just reflecting on the week thats gone and what I feel has gone well for us here at the project. I went to the curriculum planning day in London and this really helped me think about Phase 2. It was sooo good to meet colleagues from the other projects and to share our experiences with some light humour mixed in. Working with Errolie on the Group 2 delivery was great - thanks Errolie - because finding out about their approach has led to a rethink on ours.

PADLET and Web Page -

I have taken inspiration from Michele (thank you) and following her lead, I have also created a Padlet page. I too am building information on my web page -

Next job stats for phase one....  

It includes case studies, images of some learners work from some of the art sessions and some quotes from a range of classes all from phase one.

My aim is to be more proactive in capturing more of this type of feedback during phase 2

Learner Voice

Hi there, 

I've been having a play with padlet and am starting off simply by posting some learner voice comments from phase 1. It's a small selection to share for now. 

It's really great to see some of the learners' comments and how they feel they have benefited on the project.

I am trying to add it to my project page without success, but I'll keep experimenting.



Useful tool - to measure readability of docs and websites


How to use the SMOG calculator - SMOG stands for Simplified Measure of Gobbledygook
You can use this calculator to check the readability level of your own documents or texts from a website.
It uses a version of the SMOG formula, which gives a score as a "readability level".

BLIND DATA - Project managing that pesky information task

It has to be said, quoting the late great Cilla Black, the data collection for the CLMH

We are created equal, but some are more equal than others.

This is my first blog ever so please be patient with me. I have been a tutor on Blue Sly for the past 15 months as well as teaching and assessing in apprenticeships. I have a diverse working background. I became very ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ ME, a very under researched and unsupported condition. 

Update on Evolve

It has been about a month since my last real blog entry for which I apologise.  So much seems to have happened in my role as Project Manager, initially as an interim post but now I have the post for the duration of the pilot. 

Case Study - Memory Boards

This is how we make a difference to people who come on our adult learning courses.  This has been recorded by a learner and is in her own words

'Since starting on these creative courses, I have felt alot more confident to the point that I have now starting a volunteering job.

This time last year I was so depressed I struggled to leave the house on my own. For over 5 years I have struggled to do just the simplest things.


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