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Our First blog - An IAG Case Study

This is our first blog and it has been really interesting to read what others have put on here. It’s great to see all of the success stories which have motivated and inspired our own delivery. We have found the IAG has proven to be successful in finding the right courses for the right person, however last week I came up against my first negative experience; not just from my point of view.

Learner comments from Phase 1

As a team, we are thrilled with the comments left by our learners in Phase 1.  It is lovely to know that we are making an impact in their lives.

"I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend one of your courses.  This has renewed my interest in old hobbies that I lost through depression.'

A Thank You from a Phase 1 Learner

A phase 1 learner sent this email to the IAG worker in September 2016.

The course the learner attended was Mindfulness.  The geographical references have been edited to ensure anonymity.

Art by a Ways to Wellbeing Learner

The piece below was produced using an iPad on a digital art in the park short course. 

Learning outcomes included building digital resilience and using different apps to produce digital artwork.  This learner said that they were frustrated with the technology at the start of the course and felt like 'throwing the iPad against the wall'.  


Thanks to everyone who made the AutumnMeet at Northern College such a positive and productive event. I haven't really had time or brain space to reflect on it all yet, but just looking at the notes I took from the breadth and range of topics covered, I can already see how valuable it is going to be for our project.

Medway Adult Education meets Northern college

Fantastic learning opportunity with fellow colleagues at Northern College, to take the project forward.

A happy Group A Member!

Evening classes can boost mental and physical health, scientists find


Taking evening classes can actually improve mental and physical health, researchers have shown.

Update on Year one

Update Blog

Wrapping up end of Phase one Blog

And headlong into Phase 2 !

Year one has come to an end – I have attended two curriculum planning sessions in London – the first collaboratively working on curriculums, but not yet knowing which working group I would be in moving forward. I found it a really useful session and I was working in what would have been my preferred group for Phase 2!!.

Ofsted Grade Descriptors


I thought it might be helpful to share a summary of the Ofsted grade descriptors that we have re-produced from the Ofsted Inspection Handbook. We found this particularly helpful when making judgements about our provision and informing our quality improvement plan; it is also far easier to use than wading through the whole Ofsted Inspection Handbook :)



Poverty and Mental Health

A very interesting blog article on Poverty and Mental Health by Iris Elliott Head of Policy and Research at the Mental Health Foundation.  She has written a full report on the subject which can be downloaded for free from a link on her blog.



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