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New course promotion network

We've just promoted one of our courses on London Arts in Health Forum.  http://www.lahf.org.uk/keeping-creative-digital-wellbeing-journal


Volunteering opportunities and rewards

Our first volunteer, Sue, recently joined us for our latest 'Keep in Touch' event, helping to make everyone feel welcome and at ease. Sue did a Yoga course with us and then progressed onto an IT course. As our project develops, Sue's role will follow suit and we hope Sue will enjoy contributing to the project whether at courses or in our main office.

Turning challenges into opportunities - Webinar - 18/10/16

Hi All 

Thank you for those who joined our webinar today - 

A daunting task but fun too - not without its challenges - but an opportunity all the same.

Please find attached our Challenges to opportunites slides from the webinar 

Thank you to Sally for the Zoom Training - Catina for your support on the day, and to Lou and Ljaja. 

Kind Regards

Patricia - Jo and Tracey 

Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Day - Getting learners involved#2

The talk at Bournemouth University went very well - the learners (Sara and Vicky) we invited were truly inspirational. I am really looking forward to sharing the video when it has been edited.

Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Day - Getting learners involved

Firstly, good luck to everyone delivering any workshops, webinars or talks this week as part Mental Health Awareness Day.

Blue Sky Afternoon Tea

Today, we had our monthly Afternoon Tea drop in. We are very fortunate at the Rycote centre that we have a cafe area that we can use as it is a teaching cafe so free sometimes. The second Monday in every month is our time to talk about the research offer to anyone who is interested, in a warm and welcoming environment, very Community learning.

I thought it would be a nice idea to capture how people felt about community learning on World Mental Health day. Some really nice conversation was captured in speach bubbles, from newcomers, learners, volunteers and tutors.

World Mental Health Day 2015

Hi All

World Mental Health Day is 10th Oct 2016.  Blackpool held a big event in 2015 for local services to show what is available for those who have mental health issues.  The event was attended by 3000 residents of Blackpool and took part in a variety of activities including Bollywood dancing and Tai Chi (see attached link to a TV recording of the event). 




The Thinking Environment

Could all you wonderful mhfe people wish me luck today as I use the Thinking Environment in part of our team meeting please?

I recognise that I won't be as inspiring as Lou Mycroft but I'm going to give it a go! 

I'm rather unsure how it will be received, but I feel quite certain that once the team see the benfits of:


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