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Asking the difficult questions...

Asking the difficult questions- A reflective account

forest school for men : an idea

hello i'm andrew and i've recently joined the mhfe network.

i'm researching and developing an idea of forest school for men.  over the coming months i'm going to be attemtping to develop what the idea looks like and how it communicates about itself.  i'm dsylexic, so the develping of an idea in writing is at times really slow for me.

i have a funder interested in funding a pilot programme and a volunteer wanting be be part of the programme.  

Our creative crafts course is creating ideas for wellbeing

We are coming to the end of our first two Creative Crafts courses and they have proved a great success. Our learners have got involved with a variety of creative activities including: decoupage, glass painting, clay work and digital photography. We've had a nice mix of learners on the course. Both self-professed creative types and those who consider themselves without a single creative bone in their body.

Update - on training attended and thoughts from the Friday group meet

Update for January - co-production and Thoughts linked to The Friday Group Meet on the 27.1.16. 

Volunteers in Blackpool

Blackpool now has a small team of 5 volunteers. They all become involved in the MHFE pilot as learners but have shown exceptional commitment, enthusiasm and dedication to the project during and after their courses.

Where are the Men Update: I Remember...

In one of my previous blogs I wrote about some outreach work I did with a group of men who had experienced homelessness.  Our statistics show that the majority of the people we work with who have experienced homelessness are men.  However, I know from 10 years of community outreach work, that getting individuals into learning from this type of cohort is a challenge. 

New at Morley College - Wellbeing Cafe


The Wellbeing Café at Morley College


Using Social Media In Blackpool:

Since coming into post as the Project Co-ordinator I have been keen to utilise social media as a way of connecting with learners. After following policy guidelines we now have use of numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and a Padlet. Our aim is to provide support and enhance the delivery of our courses and as a medium to encourage progression from our courses.

Positive Futures - Learner feedback

Upon completion of a recent Positive Futures course learners were asked how they felt.  This course was based around the '5 Ways to Well-being' focusing on many aspects including diet and nutrient.  One learner asked if the topic of 'Self Love' could be included and following that session these are some of the comments made

'Connecting and sharing with others has felt good, I found the session on self love very beneficial'

From a CLMHR Phase 1 Learner

We received this via email recently, and I am posting it in more or less its original form, with some small edits for anonymity.  This means that some of the language is not what we would generally use in the sector, but it's what the learner is choosing to say about their experience.


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