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Day in the Life and volunteer feedback

One of our former research volunteers sent a heart-warming and inspiring message. Check their journey out on our project webpage - The Learning Curve.

We have just started another course this week, a confidence course with our tutor Angie and we have another which will start next Thursday (29/06/17), Creative Crafting. In early July we have our final course, Circus Skills!!

Mental Health and Wellbeing Take Centre Stage

A free five-week course at Towner Art Gallery, run in partnership with Sussex Downs College, shows how a collaborative community approach can support mental health

Case Studies..........

We've just uploaded two new volunteer case studies to our project page - The Learning Curve. Do check out the journeys of Jan and Sue who both did courses as research volunteers and then went on to volunteer on both the MHP project and other Learning Curve courses.

Adult Learners’ Celebration June 17 in St Helens



The team were really pleased that 50 learners from the project attended the annual ACL adult learners’ celebration (2/3 of participants!). 39 completed our next steps booklet and 4 received an award in recognition of their progress!

all around me

outside this morning is the sound of a petrol driven hedge clipper, neatening up the hedge over the road from where i currently sit.  my back is to the window, a technique i've recently adopted to reduce the amount of distraction i allow for myself.  instead i look into the room.  tantalisingly my cup of tea is a short walk away.  i've sat to write a blog post and i'm negotiating how to begin my writing.

the tea was cool and easy to drink.  

Art and mental health

There’s been abundant evidence that yoga and meditation have positive effects on physical and mental health; however, there has also been some scientific research into the effects of art on the human brain. Even in the past, before the modern neuroscience, artists were creating works to inspire people.

recording what seems like progress

within my journey to a grounded, centred, happier place i know i have often written about the difficulties and issues that make life difficult and make me unhappy.  today i am pleased to be sitting down to record the small things of late that have been feeding into me feeling happier.

i think the recent improvements began as a result of watching the mind over marathon programmes.  in a section of the programme,  the coaches talked to the runners about visualising the finish of their marathon.

Jan's Journey So Far

I was introduced to The Learning Curve through Campbell Page in Trowbridge. I was on the Work Programme. James gave us an introduction to the Mental Wellbeing Project and I signed up to be a research volunteer. After the initial assessment, I was eligible for the 5 week Creative Crafting course at the Melksham office.


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