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It has been a while since my last Blog - and this is just a mini up-date - 

We have been revamping our promotional material and course information booklet - looking at courses ( those that have not had any take up and looking to replace them with some new ones to try and attrack learners ) 

We are trying to build our soical media presance and have take to Twitter - 

Update - on training attended and thoughts from the Friday group meet

Update for January - co-production and Thoughts linked to The Friday Group Meet on the 27.1.16. 

New Year - reflection on our project to date.

As we start the New Year and the Spring term it is time to reflect on our progress to date.

Turning challenges into opportunities - Webinar - 18/10/16

Hi All 

Thank you for those who joined our webinar today - 

A daunting task but fun too - not without its challenges - but an opportunity all the same.

Please find attached our Challenges to opportunites slides from the webinar 

Thank you to Sally for the Zoom Training - Catina for your support on the day, and to Lou and Ljaja. 

Kind Regards

Patricia - Jo and Tracey 

Mini Update

Well back from Barnsley

WOW - What a full on two days ……..  I must say from my perspective, it was really useful meeting with all the other members from group A, as it now feels much more supportive and collaborative in what we do moving forward.

Then back to work to process everything – with a report on the event and information to cascade down to My Manager – up dates for the tutors delivering on the project – partners – Stakeholders Steering Group – Service Users Steering Group –

Update on Year one

Update Blog

Wrapping up end of Phase one Blog

And headlong into Phase 2 !

Year one has come to an end – I have attended two curriculum planning sessions in London – the first collaboratively working on curriculums, but not yet knowing which working group I would be in moving forward. I found it a really useful session and I was working in what would have been my preferred group for Phase 2!!.

PADLET and Web Page -

I have taken inspiration from Michele (thank you) and following her lead, I have also created a Padlet page. I too am building information on my web page -

Next job stats for phase one....  

It includes case studies, images of some learners work from some of the art sessions and some quotes from a range of classes all from phase one.

My aim is to be more proactive in capturing more of this type of feedback during phase 2

Update on Evolve

It has been about a month since my last real blog entry for which I apologise.  So much seems to have happened in my role as Project Manager, initially as an interim post but now I have the post for the duration of the pilot. 

Moving on

Well - in my new role as Project lead  -


I have had a master class on the MHFEi web site and adding work to the Padlet - Thank you Catina - I have managed to link my first blog - SO chuffed about that ... despite my poor internet probelms....

MY FIRST BLOG.... Please be kind..

Like Michelle - This is my First Blog –

I have always been linked to the Mental Health Pilot as I am a program lead within community learning at Luton Adult Learning. My role is very diverse and encompasses many responsibilities. One of those is being able to work with delivery partners to reach those learners in the community who would traditionally access our learning provision. 

At the start of the pilot I, along with two colleagues, monitored the delivery partners who were part of the delivery team –

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