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fab four

happy international day of happiness everyone.  yes today is this amazing day and i wanted to mark it here on my blog before reflecting on my fab fourth session.  this morning i've been a volunteer in a local park where we've been coppicing hazel.  the particular bush had been left for so long it had become several small trees around 6 metres in height.  this morning was made more challenging by continuous rain.

third session thoughts

now well into the pattern of arriving and beginning the session, our third week began unlike the previous 2.  several interesting conversations and i arrived at a conversation with the tutor.

we had a really informative conversation about soundscapes and how in his opinion this is something i might well enjoy exploring and investigating.  i liked hearing his encouragement.  

encouragement it's something that i sometimes yern for but am unable to vocalise this need.

concertina time

i've been reflecting today about my concertina time at home.  i was lent the concertina by another member of the group after i felt at home with it in the session.

i've picked it up this week and made sounds with it, however it is nowhere like the experience with the group last week.  in the group i was able to experiment with the sounds it made within an improvised composition being created by the group.  i don't have any real understadning of the formal language of music, i simply respond to what i hear.

beautful musical scenes

i find myself sitting again at this time of the afternoon and my thoughts turning to the what to choose for thursday.  in my browser window i currently have 14 tabs open with music of some form or another slected in you tube.

in considering writing a blog post i review more thoughts and conclude that a considered post is going to be more appealing than lots and lots of you tube clips all in one post.  i am in effect realising the need to edit what i'm listening to.

how i feel today has influenced my choice of three scenes and for me they combine well.

mindfulness and music

in my reflection about week 2 i noted that i felt i needed some help to arrive at a strategy for when i'm on my own and my mind starts to race.  i also spoke of how we'd arrived at a task to do at home in preparation for the next session.

i spent sometime yesterday on you tube listening to possible candidates to share with  the group.  i reflect today that in so doing i ventured into informal mindfulness.  

sharing week 2

in a facebook chat with a male friend recently i said 

i have homework from a night school course i'm doing at the moment. find a peice of a film with musical score that you really like or moves you

 he replied

off loading week 1

i need to off load from week one of my category c course.  after a conversation with my partner this morning i have been made aware that since returning from my course on thursday my mood has been worse than before the course.  so what's happened ?

i'm on a course that if i had known prior to signing up what it was i wouldn't have signed up for it.

what's the course ?  its a well being through music course.  

what did i sign up for ? confidence building for men.


forest school for men : an idea

hello i'm andrew and i've recently joined the mhfe network.

i'm researching and developing an idea of forest school for men.  over the coming months i'm going to be attemtping to develop what the idea looks like and how it communicates about itself.  i'm dsylexic, so the develping of an idea in writing is at times really slow for me.

i have a funder interested in funding a pilot programme and a volunteer wanting be be part of the programme.  

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