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all around me

outside this morning is the sound of a petrol driven hedge clipper, neatening up the hedge over the road from where i currently sit.  my back is to the window, a technique i've recently adopted to reduce the amount of distraction i allow for myself.  instead i look into the room.  tantalisingly my cup of tea is a short walk away.  i've sat to write a blog post and i'm negotiating how to begin my writing.

the tea was cool and easy to drink.  

recording what seems like progress

within my journey to a grounded, centred, happier place i know i have often written about the difficulties and issues that make life difficult and make me unhappy.  today i am pleased to be sitting down to record the small things of late that have been feeding into me feeling happier.

i think the recent improvements began as a result of watching the mind over marathon programmes.  in a section of the programme,  the coaches talked to the runners about visualising the finish of their marathon.

reflecting after session

the sun is out, i have a cup of tea and biscuit, we've been out in the wood and i feel happy about how it went.  time to reflect about the session to record it and any new thoughts at this time.

my plan to have no plan went well.  two of the group said they are used to being well planned and they both reflected how they had relaxed when coming into the session today because they know i'd be taking care of things.


later today we're going into a wood and exploring a forest bathing inspired walk.  this morning i have a little bit of pre-walk nerves.  i've fixed the broadband, emptied the dishwasher and waiting for coffee to brew.  i need something to do to keep my nerves focussed and in check ... time to write a blog post about the planing i've done for this afternoon.

small steps

i'm continuing to make small steps as i journey through my grief over maybe.  earlier this week there were days where i experienced the depression.  i'm pleased to say today  i'm now experiencing the up turn and i'm starting to feel optimistic again.

yesterday was a really good day.  an evening event for an ongoing work project was preceeded by catching up with a friend who is a supporter of the forest school for men idea.

maybe 2003--2017

this blog post is part of me working through the loss of our family dog, maybe.  

now i've sat to write something i'm a little lost for words.  for several days i've wanted to write something somewhere and i knew today this blog is the place to write this. however what do i now write ?

i have to pause to collect my thoughts and manage my feelings.


a derby food fuddle

we met once more last night, one of our group needed to make up hours after a missed session.  it became a rather lovely reflective process as we met with food to share, it was to be my first derby food fuddle.

as we sat and chatted, listened and ate it struck me how far as a group we'd come.  brought together to explore music for well being we had become a supportive cohesive little group.  this was further reinforced when the local bluesky project co-ordinator joined us to hear for herself our stories and experiences.

six six six : how the storey is different

my partner has told me the storey of the huffington duck - it's april fools day and still before midday.  we chuckle and read about the national trust finding a sword in a lake.  

i'd sat down to write about my sixth session, the humour of the day has rather infiltrated my intention.

at the last session we completed our data gathering exercise. slightly longer than before so it made the session a little disjointed.  i've been reflecting about where i am now, having completed six sessions.

andrew's fifth


the sky outside my window is mostly blue, there are moments of cloud that dull down the blueness.  in my headphones the tune from the above video provides a soundtrack to this post, made early on the morning after the fifth session.

i've been reflecting about the progress - my progress - since week one.

fab four

happy international day of happiness everyone.  yes today is this amazing day and i wanted to mark it here on my blog before reflecting on my fab fourth session.  this morning i've been a volunteer in a local park where we've been coppicing hazel.  the particular bush had been left for so long it had become several small trees around 6 metres in height.  this morning was made more challenging by continuous rain.


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